Customs and trade consulting services

We are an approved customs broker with our own infrastructure, operating on the basis of a Ministerial License to carry out any kind of on-site goods verification, acting in effect as representatives of the Customs Office.

We can operate in any customs context, including:

  • Definitive Import and Export
  • Transit
  • Customs and VAT deposits
  • Temporary Imports and Exports for active and passive finishing, T.E.s for displays, fairs, ordinary ATA Carnets etc.
  • Customs-bonded warehousing in Temporary (A3) or Ordinary (A4) Custody
  • Goods handling under customs bond

But our consulting service is not limited to customs procedures. It can support you in drawing up contracts, too:

  • Ministerial licenses (arising from Italy’s Law 185/90, too)
  • Certificates of Origin and of Free Circulation
  • Opening lines of credit with banks
  • Insurance cover of the goods
  • Consular Certifications
  • Duty-Exempt goods
  • Customs procedures in most countries in the world
  • INTRASTAT compliance
  • Consultancy on international trade and relative documentation
  • Packaging for both traditional and dangerous goods
  • Presenting documents to Customs

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