Logistics and warehousing

We offer you all the support you need for the integrated management of your supply chain and distribution chain, providing solutions suited to your particular needs. This means that every problem related to:

  • handling of supply chains
  • consolidation
  • warehousing and stock management
  • distribution
  • control of conformity to quantity or quality standards
  • sorting by destination
  • internal distribution
  • handling orders and preparing shipping documents
  • picking and unpicking (unit, case and pallet)
  • managing in-house or outsourced warehousing
  • traditional packaging and special customized packaging
  • all-risk insurance covers

can be studied and evaluated with the aim of offering you the best-performing solution for your particular needs.

Further, being licensed to practice both temporary (A3) and direct (A4) customs-bonded warehousing for either VAT or transit purposes, we can hold your goods for you in an extraterritorial status (with suspension of duty payments) until the time when you will need to distribute the goods or deliver them to your clients. Another advantage of extra-territorial status is the possibility of working on the goods before their clearance, for example assembling, re-packaging or labeling them.

By whichever means your goods arrive or depart, they will be moved according an appropriate loading plan for the successive stage of the journey, whether in a container (IN-OUT), loaded onto a truck or placed on pallets for loading on an aircraft.

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